How we ended up living in a travel trailer

Hi everyone! We wanted to take some time and tell our story on how we ended up living in our travel trailer 🙂

For a while we would talk about the idea of buying a travel trailer to go on road trips. We had taken several road trips, tent camping or staying at hostels. We enjoyed being outdoors, more then being in the big city. It was funny because every time we would be tent camping somewhere new, we would see the RVs around us and would always say that we were going to buy a travel trailer to travel but once we got back home we would just let the idea fade into the background of our routine lives.

Then in 2015 while we were camping in Florida at a RV Park in Orlando, we decided that we were going to look for a travel trailer as soon as we got back home to Austin TX and try living in it for a few months to see how it was.

We went back home around Mid December 2015 and immediately started looking for a small, used travel trailer. We put the house up for rent and started making arrangements to move out by January 9th into the trailer. To everyone around us, it seemed like a rushed decision, but to us, it was a decision we had taken years before already, while tent camping and going on road trips. The difference was that this time, we were actually acting on it before the idea faded once again into the background of our routine lives 🙂

It was all happening very fast. We found someone to rent our house to for a year. We found a used 2014 Travel Trailer not far from home and made arrangements to come look at it and possibly buy it on January 7th. We drove up to look at it, not really knowing what to expect and felt in love with it… and brought it home that day 🙂

We moved into our travel trailer on January 9th, 2016 and went to our first RV Park. We had never been inside an RV before we made this purchase; had no idea how everything worked… but we were super excited to get going and learn along the way. We decided to stay close to home the first few weeks, while we learned and got used to living in the small space. We spent a few weeks in a RV Park north of Houston, TX. After that, we went to another RV Park close to San Antonio, TX (where my mom came to visit us for a week). Finally, we went to one last RV park close to Dallas, TX before leaving the State 🙂