Fruita MTB meet up with ATX friends! 


After being in Vegas for a few weeks, exploring the outdoor activities around the city, and spending a weekend tent camping in Death Valley National Park, we headed to Fruita CO to meet with some cool friends from back home 🙂

We arranged to meet with our friends from Austin TX in Fruita because there was a Bike Festival around those days and wanted to try out the local MTB trails. The weather at first seemed a bit iffy but turned out to be a great couple of days out in the MTB trails.


Our Visit to Death Valley National Park

While we were staying in Vegas for a few weeks, we decided to head over to Death Valley National Park for a weekend, tent camping, leaving our Travel Trailer at the RV Park in Vegas.

To be honest, we didn’t know what to expect at Death Valley. We hadn’t really considered visiting it but since we couldn’t get a permit to go check out Havasu Falls, we figured we would check out this National Park…. and oh boy were we surprised in a very very good way! The Park is amazing; it feels like you are entering another planet.

We got there and were able to find a superb camping spot under a tree at the Furnace Creek campground. As mentioned before, we didn’t know what to expect here… we honestly thought we were going to be under the hot sun the entire time there, but the camping spot was very cool! Never needed to put up our canopy and instead spent two days hiking several of the trails around the Furnace Creek area.

The dunes were one of our favorite hikes but overall all the hikes were awesome. It was cool that you get to drive up to each trail head, which makes it easier to hike several different trails in a day or two. The weather was actually just perfect, never got over 80 degrees and was very nice at nights, enough to sleep without the tent rain fly 🙂

As always we took many pictures that we have uploaded to our Flickr account and are including a link before this post for you to check out the pictures.




Exploring Vegas!

Right up front we have to confess, we are not big fan of the Vegas Strip scene. We do love visiting Vegas, but for the outdoor activities 🙂 There are some awesome mountain biking trails, hiking trails, Lake Mead to hang out, and even a ski resort not to far from the city!

We got to explore Red Rock Canyon, hiking it and mountain biking it as well. Got to enjoy Lake Mead and also did some mountain biking at Bootleg Canyon Bike Park, which is close to Lake Mead… oh and even go to hike in the snow!

We had been to Vegas before a few times, with friends, and others just as a pit stop on one of our road trips. This time, we actually stayed in an RV Park in town for almost 3 weeks. During that time, friends from Austin came to celebrate a birthday and it was awesome to hang out with them for a few days. Not only that but we also got to visitors that were coming to Vegas for their first time, my nephew and Rubi’s brother.

Being in town for those weeks convinced them to come hang out for a few days and see what all the Vegas fuzz was about I guess 🙂

Overall, we always enjoy our time in Vegas… not for the same reasons that most people do (the casinos, drinking, parties, shows, etc) but for the outdoor activities that surround the area.


Exploring Sedona Area

This was our second time visiting Sedona 🙂 Last year, we came with friends from Austin to explore the mountain biking trails around the area. We spent a few days camping inside a cargo trailer in the RV Park here in town (didn’t have the travel trailer yet)

This time we stayed at Verde Valley, at another Thousand Trails RV Park and got to explore the outdoors for about 2 weeks.

We visited Tonto National Forest and go to do some hikes just north of Sedona. We love this little town… but we tent to spend most of the time out in the mountains haha.

And of course we mountain biked as much as possible. Even met a cool guy at the RV Park that showed us some really nice trails north west of Sedona.

Overall, Sedona has become an iconic place for us to enjoy a few days… or few weeks, and will definitely be coming back here… over and over 🙂

Here are pictures from our flickr account. you can click on the sides to browse thru them


Off to Sedona… but first some pics of Page

We have been exploring Page for the last couple of days and have fallen in love with this place! We want to come back and spend even more time exploring Lake Powell!

We got to experience a sunrise at Horseshoe Bend; got to see the Antelope Canyons; and got to paddle Lake Powell as well 🙂 We learned that Lake Powell has over 2,000 miles of shoreline… that is insane for a lake!


The RV Park we have been staying at is in Page. A cool guy we met at Lake Powell told us that we could boon dock right by the lake if we go up a few miles north of Page…. so that will be the plan for next time we visit! We did like the RV Park we have been staying at. It is small but feel very comfortable.

We are heading to Verde Valley, which is a few miles south of Sedona and will be there for about 10 days or so before we move on to Vegas!

Here are the pictures of our visit to Page AZ.


We made it to Page AZ

We left Dallas area two days ago, stopped and spent the night at a RV Park in Albuquerque since we don’t like driving at night pulling the trailer 🙂 We made it to the RV Park here in Page just a few minutes ago and are ready to explore the are over the next couple of days before heading down to Sedona AZ area.

At first we thought about going from Dallas area to RV Park close to Sedona and from there coming up to Page for a few days and tent camp… But after being outside and feeling how cold it is, we are VERY glad we decided to head this way with the travel trailer. We love tent camping, but, we have to admit, after living in the travel trailer a few months already, we are getting spoiled of this new type of “camping”

We will post some pictures of Page and it’s surrounding in a few days, before we leave to the RV Park close to Sedona!


Off to Page AZ!

We have been living in our travel trailer now for about two and a half months and feel ready to head out and venture further then Dallas TX haha. We are headed to Page AZ. It has been on our list of places to explore for quite some time! We are planning on heading out and spending the night in Albuquerque at a RV Park there.

Over the last two and half months we have been staying at 3 different Thousand Trails Parks close to Austin while getting used to the RV lifestyle. It has been an adjustment for sure but we feel that we are ready for the road! Our mom even came to visit for a week while staying at the RV Park close to San Antonio 🙂

These are pictures of what we have been up to the last few weeks here in Texas 🙂