Making the best of a bad day 

Friday was a pretty hard day for us out on the road. We were driving to our next destination, about 20 miles away, when our truck started giving us a warning message that the trailer’s brakes were having problems. We stopped immediately on the side of the road only to find out a lot of smoke coming out of the rear passenger side axle on the travel trailer. We freaked out, not knowing what was going on.

Called Good Sam Roadside and we were told we had to wait for them to find someone close to us. We waited an hour before they called us to let us know that we would have to wait about 4 hours for a mobile mechanic to come.

Thankfully there are amazing people in this world. While we were there on the side of the road, 3 people stopped to offer whatever they could do for us. The second person even offered us a pizza they had with them 🙂 But Bob, a local guy from the small town close to where we were stranded at, stopped and offered to help us move the trailer little by little a few miles to a shop close by. He had actually passed by us on his way to run an errand, and again passed by o  his way back home. He got home and decided to go out again looking for us to offer help.

We made it to a local shop.  Bob gave us his number and asked us to be sure and call him once we got to our destination safe. He, without a doubt, was a true selfless human being and we’re inmensily thankful to him.

The shop looked all over the Internet and around a 300 mile radius for the axle once they disassembled everything and saw that the axle was done. The threads on the tire were gone. They ended up having to order a new axle and it won’t be here until next Friday, a week later.

We got stranded, without our travel trailer, our home, for the next week. The shop offered to let us stay there in the trailer. Offer to hook us up with water and electricity but we decided to head to the RV Park we were going to originally, and tent camp for the next week, waiting for our home to be fixed and hoping the final bill is not too high.


These last few days have been kind of rough but we know we’ll make it just fine, specially with the awesome people out there that have helped us in one way or another…. We have seen first hand how nice people are willing to go out of their way in time of need to help others. The guy next to us even offered to let us stay in his RV this week instead of our tent since it’s been raining… But so far we have enjoyed tent camping… However, we can’t deny that we miss our home aka our travel trailer.

We are not employed at the moment and unfortunately we are considering the idea that if the final bill is too high, we’ll have to end our trip and head back home soon. So if any of you want to share a few dollars with us, we’ll be for ever grateful. The people that know us knos that we like to help anyone we can without thinking it twice and any help you can give us, we’ll be sure to pay it forward as well.

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Adventures On Wheels

We are Rubi and Eduardo. We are outdoor lovers. We enjoy mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking... and pretty much anything that has to do with being outdoors. For a while we had wanted to travel around our awesome country, exploring everything along our path. We took the leap and decided to do just that back in January 2016 and have loved every minute of it! We enjoy taking pictures as a hobby to share them with our friends and family. All of our full resolution photos are uploaded to

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  1. Me da gusto que Dios haya puesto buena gente en su camino y esten bien cuidense mucho un abrazo alos dos .Por ahi tengo algo pendiente Eduardo:)

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