Road trip to Olympic NP (Nov. 1st-8th)

A few weeks ago, on our way from Oregon to Seattle, we wanted to stop by the Olympic Peninsula and check out a few places around that area, but it had been raining so much that we decided to hold off and hopefully be able to check it out on our way down from North Washington State. And that is what we did πŸ™‚ After being in the North West part of WA, we headed down to an RV Park close to Mt. Rainier, where we stayed for about two weeks, hoping to be able to visit Mt. Rainier and Olympic Peninsula while staying here.

The drive to Olympic Peninsula from here was about 3 hours or so, but it was a beautiful drive, so not a big deal. We left the RV Park around 5 in the morning to be able to enjoy the whole day exploring the Olympic Peninsula area. We arrived at Ruby Beach early and got to hike along the wild beach for a while. We were impressed on how beautiful/wild the beach was. All the logs along the shore gave it an exotic look that we really liked.


From Ruby beach, we head to La Push to do a hike along the beach… Here we had a little mishap :)… A crazy wave rambled Rubi for a bit 😦 … Her phone was damaged as well as one of our gopro. It was actually pretty scary because those crazy waves are able to lift and move around those huge logs along the shore like they paperweight. We made it out of there safe… wet and a bit scared, but safe…. I did forget to mentioned that the reason the wave got to Rubi was because she was busy taking a picture of me, with her back towards the waves hehe.


After our little mishap at La Push, we figured we have had enough of the wild ocean for the day and headed to our campground where we were going to spend the night tent camping by the beach. While there, we found out that we were very close to a short hike that would take us to the Northernmost Point in the Continental USA and of course we had to go check it out πŸ™‚ We were not going to do any more that day, but we couldn’t pass it up πŸ™‚  In the picture below you can see the viewpoint marking the point. Those mountains on the other side of the water are from the Canada side πŸ™‚


And then, back to our campground for a good night rest πŸ™‚


The next day, we spent it exploring the mountains of the Olympic National Park as much as we could. We ended up going all around the Olympic Peninsula by the end of our road trip. Started in the Southern side and ended up around the Northern side before heading back to our RV Park.



Aside from the little setback at La Push that got Rubi all wet and scared for a while, we had a pretty awesome time exploring this whole area. It never rained on us but it was chilly and cloudy. We were not expecting to find a lot of people around the area because it was low season but did run into a lot of people on several of the hikes we did. We want to go back during the summer time and spent a week or so, exploring a whole lot more because it seems like there was a lot to do and see around the entire Olympic Peninsula area! πŸ™‚


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