Seattle WA Area (Oct 11th-25th, 2016)

We remember a conversation we had several years ago about how cool it would be to take a road trip from Austin, TX to Seattle WA… but never actually did it because it would take us quite a while to get here straight from Austin :)…. Well, now, thanks to this new adventure we started, of living in our travel trailer, we actually made it all the way up here 🙂

You always hear how people complain because it always rain in Seattle and the locals make fun of those people because they argue that it only rains during the rainy season…. which happens to be right now! haha So yeah, it has been raining almost every day… actually it has been raining almost every day since we got to Portland a week or two ago!

We are getting used to the rain, even went and bought ourselves some rain-suits haha. The weather, aside from the rain, is pretty nice, not cold nor hot. And as usual, whenever we had a dry day or semi dry day, we took off exploring the area. We did get to see a lot while in the Seattle area, even if we only had a few days of no rain.

On our first trip into Seattle, we checked out Kubota Garden, which is a pretty cool Japanese-garden. Worth checking it out if in the area. The parking lot is small but there is no charge to get in the Garden. During our visit to Portland, we didn’t get to see any fall foliage yet (we were too early apparently) but did get to see some beautiful colors here!


Another place we got to enjoy on this same day in Seattle was Chihuly Garden and Glass. Unfortunately, this one is not free like the Kubota Garden 😦 But still worth checking it out if you enjoy unique art! They do have a bundle that you can purchase, which gives you access to the Chihuly Garden and also lets you go up the Space Needle, which is next to it. We opted on just checking out the Garden and didn’t go up the Space Needle; figured we would go up some other day (never happened).


While at the RV park, we wanted to go hiking on a particular day that the day was pretty nice. We drove about an hour from our RV Park towards the mountains, to a hike that was recommended around the internet. Once we got to the trail-head, we decided (chickened out) that it was best to turn back and not do the hike because we were the only ones there and didn’t want to run into a bear or something 🙂

So, back to the RV Park went… at least the drive was very nice as you can see! 🙂




One of the best things that happened while being in the Seattle area was that our friends from Austin came to visit us for a few days! We left Austin, after spending the summer there, on Sept. 9th, and were very happy to see some of our close friends from back home, all the way up here in Seattle 🙂 While they were visiting, we checked out the Museum of Flight and Pike Place Market, The Aquarium, as well as several cool restaurants!



We are going to be exploring a lot more of Washington State over the next several weeks, but so far, we are loving it!


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Adventures On Wheels

We are Rubi and Eduardo. We are outdoor lovers. We enjoy mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking... and pretty much anything that has to do with being outdoors. For a while we had wanted to travel around our awesome country, exploring everything along our path. We took the leap and decided to do just that back in January 2016 and have loved every minute of it! We enjoy taking pictures as a hobby to share them with our friends and family. All of our full resolution photos are uploaded to

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