Made it Oregon! (Sept. 17th-Oct. 1st 2016)


Back in May, we were planning on heading this way after Yellowstone National Park… but as you remembered from our previous blog, we had to turn back to Austin TX and ended up spending the summer back in Austin. But the desire to come up to Oregon has always been there for many reason, but in particular for two BIG reasons!… McKenzie River MTB Trail and Crater Lake 🙂

The RV park we stayed at was about 15 miles south of Bend Oregon. It was a nice park with the usual amenities that you find at thousand trail parks. It was pretty close to a great hike, the Deschutes River Trail, which we enjoyed doing both on our bikes and walking. The river itself is beautiful and pretty wild. We have pictures and a YouTube video of the time we hiked it. Check out the video here Deschutes River Trail Hike




We also got to spend a few days exploring Bend. We particularly enjoyed the Riverbend Park area but there are several parks along the Deschutes River inside the city where anyone can enjoy a day outside or a day in the water kayaking and/or paddle boarding 🙂



Also, not too far from the RV park we were staying at, there is a breath-taking place that everyone who visits Oregon, needs to check it out, Crater Lake National Park! We headed there for 3 nights, tent camping in one of their nice campgrounds. The park itself is not as big as other national parks, but there are many hiking trails that will keep you enjoying a few days outside. And of course there is the majestic Crater Lake.

We enjoy living in our small travel trailer… We can easily say that we enjoy it more than living in a real house 🙂 But we still desire and look for the next tent camping trip every chance we get. We took off to Crater Lake, looking forward to exploring the park for a few days… but as soon as we were on the road, it started raining and got really cold hehe. We got to the park entrance and the attendant even told us that he didn’t feel we were going to enjoy our stay due to how the weather looked haha. We decided to take our chances. We started getting a bit more worried when we started driving south to the campground from the North entrance, because the roads were full of snow 😦 Luckily, as we kept going south inside the Park’s road, the snow started dispersing. By the time we got the campground, there wasn’t any snow, but we still had the rain. We put up the tent and a canopy and figured we were going to enjoy the rest of the day by the fire with some coffee and music and we would see how the weather was the next morning.


We woke up to a frozen tent haha… so we figured that was it, we were going to have to go back to Bend if the weather wasn’t going to clear up for us. But God is amazing and by the time we were done eating breakfast, the sky was blue and the weather became perfect for the remaining days we were there, sunny cool. We got to enjoy several of the hikes around the Park. Now we are just wondering how cool it will be to visit Crater Lake again, but in the winter!




And of course, our visit to this part of Oregon wouldn’t have been complete without doing the number one thing we had been wanting to do for several year now! For a while we had seen videos and pictures of the gorgeous McKenzie River trail and had been wishing to ride it, and this time, thanks to the new life adventure we started, living in our travel trailer and traveling the Country, we got to do just that!… and it was AMAZING!!!!



The trail is a beautiful, magical place to go and enjoy it on a mountain bike if you want to experience the whole 27 miles of scenery. But if you are looking to hike it, there are several key stops along the way, where you can park and hike a mile or so to get to specific scenic places such as waterfalls or the blue hole. The beauty of doing the whole train on your bike, is that the trails goes thru all those beautiful places. It took us the whole day to complete the 27 miles, not because it was hard, because it wasn’t, but because we kept stopping to take in the scenery 🙂

We spent almost 3 weeks in this area of Oregon and visited some cool places, but now, we have to move on to our next destination… Portland OR! We took many pictures while in this area and have uploaded them on three different albums to our Flickr account. Here are the albums for you to enjoy. If you want to see the photos in full resolution, just click inside any picture, and it will take you to our Flickr page.

Talk to you soon!


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Adventures On Wheels

We are Rubi and Eduardo. We are outdoor lovers. We enjoy mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking... and pretty much anything that has to do with being outdoors. For a while we had wanted to travel around our awesome country, exploring everything along our path. We took the leap and decided to do just that back in January 2016 and have loved every minute of it! We enjoy taking pictures as a hobby to share them with our friends and family. All of our full resolution photos are uploaded to

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