Lake Tahoe Area (Sept. 10-17 2016)

For a long time we had wanted to visit Lake Tahoe. We always drooled over pictures we saw of this beautiful place on the internet. We finally made it to Lake Tahoe during a month long tent camping road trip last year. We tent camped at “The Campground by The Lake”, which is a pretty RV/Tent Campground just a few minutes south of the Nevada/California border in South Lake Tahoe.

While tent camping there last year we got to mountain bike the famous Flume Trail by taking a shuttle from Incline Village. It was an unforgettable experience for us.

But of course the main attraction here is the gorgeous and breathtaking Lake! When we arrived, it was raining and cold but the following days, the weather changed for the better and we got to do our second most favorite sport, kayaking/paddle boarding in this beautiful Lake.

For us the favorite spot around the lake was Sand Harbor, which just happen to be close to Incline Village, if you want to ride the Flume Trail and head to the lake afterwards 🙂

The water was still cold, very cold to be precise, but that didn’t stop Rubi from jumping in the water and taking some underwater videos 🙂  … and because the water was so cold and we were not able to fully enjoy the Lake that time, we decided to go back, but this time with our travel trailer and for longer then just a few days 🙂

We didn’t want to stay at the same campground because we wanted to stay around 2 weeks in the area and it would be a bit too pricey to stay there all those days… not that the campground is expensive, because it isn’t, but for us it made more sense to stay at one of the Thousand Trails RV Resort close to Lake Tahoe, where we could stay for free those two weeks, thanks to our membership with them. The RV Park wasn’t as close to the lake as the one we tent camp, but it was free and pretty,  so it was okay with us hehe.



We got to enjoy the lake this time a lot more. The weather was pretty much perfect every day we were there, except for one or two days of rain…. difference from previous visit to this one was that this time we didn’t mind a day or two of rain and being stuck inside our travel trailer, because this time, we didn’t feel rushed to explore as much as possible in a just a few days; which is the typical state of mind when going on short vacations… for us, this is our live, not just a quick vacation, and we LOVE that feeling!

This time around, we didn’t get to do any MTB trails because we wanted to focus mostly on water activities and activities close to the Lake 🙂 We did get to enjoy an amazing hike, the Rubicon Trail, which goes from two D.L. Bliss State Park to Emerald Bay, which are two highly recommended places to visit while in Lake Tahoe as well. So, you could say that doing this scenic hike, you get to enjoy everything all at once. The hike is not hard and it’s only about 6 miles each way. You hardly feel the hike because you are distracted most of the time with gorgeous scenic views of the Lake. We took a GoPro video of this hike which can be seen here Rubicon Trail



And of course we did a whole bunch of paddling! We went to D.L. Bliss (where the Rubicon trail mentioned above starts as well) and kayaked/paddle-board from there to Emerald Bay and back. We did get to the Emerald Bay area and took a nice break in the shallow, beautiful rock area.  On a different day we went to our FAVORITE area of Lake Tahoe, Sand Harbor! We felt in love with Sand Harbor on our first visit to Lake Tahoe and had to go back there… a few times! 🙂 The beach area is pretty nice at Sand Harbor if that’s what you want to enjoy, but it’s a beautiful location to launch your kayak and/or paddle board for sure! The water is crystal clear and you can see the pretty granite rocks everywhere!

And lastly, for some town exploring and eating, we highly recommend South Lake Tahoe. There are several restaurants, bars, stores, and even casinos. We felt in love with one particular restaurant that we visited both times we were in Lake Tahoe 🙂 … It’s Azul-Latin Kitchen. They had one of the best salads we have ever had!

Now we just need to go back during the winter to enjoy the snowy side of Lake Tahoe 🙂

As always, here is the whole Flickr Album of our visit. If you want, you can browse thru this pictures here or click in any picture and it will take you to the Flickr site where you can see all the photos in full resolution.


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