Our Visit to Death Valley National Park

While we were staying in Vegas for a few weeks, we decided to head over to Death Valley National Park for a weekend, tent camping, leaving our Travel Trailer at the RV Park in Vegas.

To be honest, we didn’t know what to expect at Death Valley. We hadn’t really considered visiting it but since we couldn’t get a permit to go check out Havasu Falls, we figured we would check out this National Park…. and oh boy were we surprised in a very very good way! The Park is amazing; it feels like you are entering another planet.

We got there and were able to find a superb camping spot under a tree at the Furnace Creek campground. As mentioned before, we didn’t know what to expect here… we honestly thought we were going to be under the hot sun the entire time there, but the camping spot was very cool! Never needed to put up our canopy and instead spent two days hiking several of the trails around the Furnace Creek area.

The dunes were one of our favorite hikes but overall all the hikes were awesome. It was cool that you get to drive up to each trail head, which makes it easier to hike several different trails in a day or two. The weather was actually just perfect, never got over 80 degrees and was very nice at nights, enough to sleep without the tent rain fly 🙂

As always we took many pictures that we have uploaded to our Flickr account and are including a link before this post for you to check out the pictures.




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Adventures On Wheels

We are Rubi and Eduardo. We are outdoor lovers. We enjoy mountain biking, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking... and pretty much anything that has to do with being outdoors. For a while we had wanted to travel around our awesome country, exploring everything along our path. We took the leap and decided to do just that back in January 2016 and have loved every minute of it! We enjoy taking pictures as a hobby to share them with our friends and family. All of our full resolution photos are uploaded to https://www.flickr.com/adventuresonwheels/albums

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