Daily journal – February 15th, 2018

Today was a nice, productive day 🙂 … and yes, we didn’t write a journal yesterday because it was Valentine’s Day 🙂

We started today as usual, with our ritualistic breakfast. Right after breakfast, we drove into town to fill our gas tank and buy a few items at the grocery store because tomorrow we are taking off early to Page AZ!!! We were playing with the idea of taking off today and spending the night somewhere between here and Page but decided to just get everything ready today and leave tomorrow morning.

Picking up everything to move on your tiny house on wheels is a chore… you get used to after doing it so many times… but it is still a chore haha. We usually split the process and works great… I take care of picking everything from the outside and getting everything ready and Rubi takes care of getting things ready inside as well as make some snacks for the road. When we are in a hurry we can get it all done in around 30 minutes, but when we are in no rush, we take a few hours haha.

One of the chores we needed to do today was laundry… but to our surprise, the laundry room is closed for maintenance boooooooo. Because of this, we are planning on taking off tomorrow even earlier so we can stop and do laundry on the way, in Flagstaff most likely.

The cool thing is that we have everything picked up outside, the potable water tank is full (because we will be boondocking for the next week), the travel trailer is hooked to the truck and we just need to wake up, have breakfast and take off 🙂 Good night!

Daily journal – February 13th, 2018

As we mentioned yesterday, we stayed in yesterday because the weather around Sedona was pretty crappy. But today we woke up, had our morning ritualistic breakfast and decided we were going to go on a hike no matter how the weather was!… and that we did!!!

After breakfast, we got ready to go on our hike, Rubi with a bunch of layers because she’s a cold body hehe. We left a bit after 10:00 AM with plans of doing an 8.5-mile hiking loop in Sedona. We wanted to do the Devil’s Pass Trail and some others that connect to it, making it a nice 8.5-mile loop.

We took our waterproof backpack and raincoats as well as some cold weather clothes, expecting cold, rainy weather… but we got pretty nice, cloudy, semi-rainy weather, which was better then we expected 🙂

During the hike, it did rain on us a couple of times, but it only lasted a few minutes it time. We thought that since the weather was not ideal, that there wouldn’t be a lot of people out on the trails, but we were wrong, we saw at least 20 people hiking, which we thought was pretty awesome!

We finished the hike and had plans to stop by Whole Foods for lunch, but as usual, we just wanted to get back to our tiny house on wheels… We enjoy our time in the little trailer and are always looking forward to it after we’re tired, from whatever outdoor activity we are doing 🙂

We took a ton of nice pictures but the internet at the RV Park we are currently at is pretty bad, as well as our cell phone reception so we will have to wait a bit longer before we upload all the pictures we have taken over the last two weeks 😦

We think we might be able to get one more mountain bike ride before we leave to Page AZ Friday morning, but we’ll see… for now, we’re resting in our little house, watching a movie and having a drink 🙂

Daily journal – February 12th, 2018

We took yesterday Sunday as a rest day because we were planning on going mountain biking today… but that didn’t happen thanks to crappy weather around Sedona today 😦 … So instead we stayed inside most of the day watching a movie and uploading some photos.

We did go into town after we had breakfast to buy groceries and refill one of our propane tanks. But any other outdoor activities we were hoping to do were discarded once we walked outside in the morning and saw how cloudy, windy, drizzly, and a bit cold it was haha.

We played with the idea of going on a wet, cold, windy hike, but that idea didn’t last long!

Once we got back from grocery shopping, we spent a couple of hours watching a movie and doing some computer work. But as usual, Rubi starts getting antsy if she’s indoors for too long haha, so we went to the RV Park’s Family center for a little while for her to do her daily workout while I made some calls and did some editing.

I did go up the hill twice, to at least stretch my legs… which is about a mile round trip, so twice makes it two miles! … Hey, I’m good at math!!!!

We plan on leaving to Page AZ area Friday morning but if the weather starts looking better up there then here in Sedona, we might leave a few days before; that is the beauty of the RV life, you can just get up and go whenever you please following the best weather! But hopefully, we do stay until Friday and get one more MTB ride or a good hike around Sedona before we take off to Page.

And yes, we do look at the weather in advance and all that good stuff as most RV travelers do, to plan a bit ahead… but we were hopeful that the weather forecast would change… and still are hopeful, because as of right now, it looks like there is rain all week around here 😦 We’ll see how tomorrow is.

Daily Journal – February 11th, 2018

Sunday Fun day!!… Or Lazy Sunday in our case!!! 🙂

Today was a low key day… sometimes we like and need one of those days. We were planning on going out to eat and walk around town for a bit, but it was windy and cold this morning… so we decided to stay in our little house.

After our morning ritual, we went to go to the RV Park’s family center for a bit so Rubi could do her morning workout there while I got up to date on our social media pages. Took advantage that I was there and recorded a bit of Rubi’s workout for her Instagram account as well.

After Rubi’s workout, we headed back to our tiny house. While I uploaded her video, Rubi prepared lunch with some snack for us to be lazy for the rest of day watching movies… and that is exactly what we have been doing, watching movies all day and being lazy. Not much else to write about today, like I said at the beginning, a very low key day.

Hopefully, the weather is nice tomorrow so we can go on a mountain bike ride!

Daily journal – February 10th, 2018

We woke up a bit late because we stayed up late last night, hanging out with another RV couple. As usual, we woke up and had our strong coffee and big breakfast. We always say that breakfast is our most favorite part of the day!

After breakfast, we spent a bit of time getting up to date on our Instagram and Facebook accounts while we watch a bit of TV. We typically do this every morning before we do anything else, so it has become kind of a morning ritual.

We have been doing a lot of outdoors activities here in the area since we got here almost two weeks ago… we have done a couple of hikes, went kayaking to Watson Lake, and a several mountain bike rides! Today we wanted to go and do a bigger MTB trail in Sedona so we planned on leaving the RV a bit earlier than usual… not too early because mornings here are cold!

Rubi started getting ready with food for the ride… apples, a banana, and a juice. While she did that, I got all the bike gear on the truck. We left around 11:00AM to go ride the West Sedona Tour loop, which is a 13.2-mile intermediate mountain bike loop. We felt pretty strong on our last MTB ride a few day ago so figured it was time to start doing longer rides 🙂

The ride was awesome! We felt a bit stronger after only five continuous rides here in Sedona over the last week and a half. We really enjoyed it, but as usual, towards the end, we were beaten and ready to head back to our little home on wheels to have a big lunch! When we made it back to the truck, we just relaxed for a few minutes while drinking a refreshing green juice that Rubi made.

It takes us about 30 minutes to get from the trail parking lot to the RV, mostly due to there being a lot of back road with low-speed limits. By the time we got back, we just wanted to relax and enjoy a good lunch!

We spent the rest of the evening going over our pictures and again getting up to date on our social media pages… Social Media pages do take a bit of our time, but we enjoy doing it!

Rubi started reading the Bible in the evening while I go thru our photos and do a bit of computer stuff.

We had a bit of an issue with our water pump… it seems that it has been sending city water to our water tank and overfilling it. We think it was because two days ago, the RV park shut down their water and we had to use the water tank and the pump for our daily water usage… but forgot to turn it off when the water from the RV park came back on and it might have made the RV water pump go a bit crazy.

I turned off the city water outside and left the water pump working to use up the water in the tank instead of having to empty it on the ground. We’ll see if it gets back to regular working condition once the water tank its empty.

And as usual, after all the daily activities and all the rest, by the time we realized it, it was already dark and almost time to go to bed haha…. yup, we go to bed early 🙂 … And that is where we are going now, to bed… Good night!…. Oh wait, I need to go out and take the trash to the dumpster because the last two night that we forgot our trash can outside, we had a night visitor come by and go thru it… a skunk! haha… Okay, now that trash it disposed and all is good… good night!

Making the best of a bad day 

Friday was a pretty hard day for us out on the road. We were driving to our next destination, about 20 miles away, when our truck started giving us a warning message that the trailer’s brakes were having problems. We stopped immediately on the side of the road only to find out a lot of smoke coming out of the rear passenger side axle on the travel trailer. We freaked out, not knowing what was going on.

Called Good Sam Roadside and we were told we had to wait for them to find someone close to us. We waited an hour before they called us to let us know that we would have to wait about 4 hours for a mobile mechanic to come.

Thankfully there are amazing people in this world. While we were there on the side of the road, 3 people stopped to offer whatever they could do for us. The second person even offered us a pizza they had with them 🙂 But Bob, a local guy from the small town close to where we were stranded at, stopped and offered to help us move the trailer little by little a few miles to a shop close by. He had actually passed by us on his way to run an errand, and again passed by o  his way back home. He got home and decided to go out again looking for us to offer help.

We made it to a local shop.  Bob gave us his number and asked us to be sure and call him once we got to our destination safe. He, without a doubt, was a true selfless human being and we’re inmensily thankful to him.

The shop looked all over the Internet and around a 300 mile radius for the axle once they disassembled everything and saw that the axle was done. The threads on the tire were gone. They ended up having to order a new axle and it won’t be here until next Friday, a week later.

We got stranded, without our travel trailer, our home, for the next week. The shop offered to let us stay there in the trailer. Offer to hook us up with water and electricity but we decided to head to the RV Park we were going to originally, and tent camp for the next week, waiting for our home to be fixed and hoping the final bill is not too high.


These last few days have been kind of rough but we know we’ll make it just fine, specially with the awesome people out there that have helped us in one way or another…. We have seen first hand how nice people are willing to go out of their way in time of need to help others. The guy next to us even offered to let us stay in his RV this week instead of our tent since it’s been raining… But so far we have enjoyed tent camping… However, we can’t deny that we miss our home aka our travel trailer.

We are not employed at the moment and unfortunately we are considering the idea that if the final bill is too high, we’ll have to end our trip and head back home soon. So if any of you want to share a few dollars with us, we’ll be for ever grateful. The people that know us knos that we like to help anyone we can without thinking it twice and any help you can give us, we’ll be sure to pay it forward as well.

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Palm Springs CA (Dec. 20-29, 2016)

We were not planning on coming this way after leaving LA area. Our plan was to head to Vegas after Soledad Canyon and spend three weeks there so that we could celebrate New Years there and take care of some errands in the area (yeah funny, going to Vegas to run errands haha… The RV life!)

But when we were at Soledad Canyon, we made the decision to head to Palm Springs for a few days and then to Vegas for New Years… and we are very glad we did, Palm Springs was awesome. So much to do for the outdoor lovers like us, a lot of nice MTB trails, hiking trails and just a great area in general. The RV Park was pretty cool. Palms everywhere! We loved it!


While staying here, we got to do some mountain biking and some awesome hiking around the area. the mtb trails are awesome but most of them are also for hiking, which makes it a challenge to ride them because there are tons of people (at least when we were there) hiking. We rode our bikes on day and saw that it might be best to do the other trails we wanted to do, by foot, so on went our hiking shoes and we hit the trails for a few days 🙂 There are some cool trails that take you along some Palm Oasis… something different and new to us for sure.



Back in the city, there was a Christmas event going on that is pretty famous around these areas… it is a Christmas decoration showcase that is pretty hard to describe haha, it is crazy looking, exotic, weird, impressive, awesome, and so much more haha.


And of course, there is also a gem close to Palm Springs that we checked out, Joshua Tree National Park! What an incredible place!!! We drove very early one day from our RV Park to be able to enjoy a whole day there, with the idea that if we really liked it and the weather was nice, we would back again and tent camp… We did LOVED it, but the weather was a bit too cold for one of us (Rubi) so, we enjoyed the entire day exploring the park and back to our RV we went 🙂


That is the thing with the RV life, there is always so much to do, so much to see and explore, and sometimes, unless you are willing to spend weeks, or even months, in a particular area, it is very hard to see everything, so you kind of have to prioritize and move on…. We enjoyed our time in this area and will be coming back for sure!